CareLINK is specifically designed for you.


CareLINK was developed by a doctor to improve patient care, increase efficiency, and protect providers like you.

Replace your call center

We manage your after hour phone number, and all after hours calls are routed through CareLINK.

Coordinate call coverage via multi on-call

One or more providers can cover multiple coverage areas or hospitals simultaneously.

Manage your schedule

Call schedule management is simple, and last minute switches are seamless.

Engage your patients

Patients and providers can exchange secure email, and patients can live chat with on-call physicians. You can also send surveys and screening tests to patients.

Capture all interactions

We capture secure emails, live chats, and call recordings with patients and transcribe every voicemail.

Remind patients about appointments

Reduce no shows and increase revenue through our convenient appointment reminder system.


CareLINK compared to a traditional answering service